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Your Paris itinerary isn’t going as planned? Here are some tips.


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A well planned itinerary can save you time and money when visiting Paris but sometimes the best laid plans still go awry. Here are 3 tips on what to do when your itinerary doesn’t go as planned. Plus, a bonus tip which is probably my best tip!



  1. Go with the flow.

    If you were in Paris when France won the World Cup and your itinerary plan was to stroll down the Champs d’Elysees…well, that wasn’t happening. Nearly the entire city was on the street celebrating the victory. But, how serendipitous! Going with the flow is just part of travel and while you might not have been strolling down the Champs, if you had joined in, you would have had a very unique and unplanned travel memory. Remaining flexible will not only lessen the stress but potentially provide a wonderful travel story.

  2.  Second list sites

    But sometimes, like when employees go on strike or if Mother Nature just doesn’t cooperate, going with the flow just isn’t an option. So tip 2…There are always places that you want to see but just don’t make the itinerary cut due to time. I call them the second list sites…or those places you’d likely visit on your second trip to Paris. This is a perfect time to pull that list out and go visit one of those places.

  3. Paris Visitor Bureau

    This is a resource I think is vastly underutilized. I like to recommend that on your first or second day in Paris you stop by the Paris Visitors Bureau. Not only is the staff very knowledgeable and helpful (and speak several languages including English), there are tons of free pamphlets and information booklets to pick up. Plus my favorite paper map! If you find your itinerary is busted and you just need a little help on what to do next, go check out the Visitors Bureau.



This is probably my best itinerary planning tip. Check out the video (which you can only access here at The Paris Itinerary website) to hear all about it.

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Bises (kisses),