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Why the Paris Visitors Center should be your 1st stop in Paris


The Paris Visitors Center on Rue des Pyramides

Despite being blurry eyed from jet lag, you are likely eager to hit the streets of Paris to see all that there is but before you get started, I recommend your first stop be a quick visit to the Paris Visitors Center on Rue des Pyramides.

First, they have the BEST FREE metro/city map out there! Yes, you can get a free metro map at the metro ticket windows but the map provided by the Paris Visitor Center has so much more information. On one side is a metro line map with site indicators while the other side also has site indicators, as well as, street names and metro stops. It is extremely helpful to have both when trying to find where you are and where you are going. I’d advise picking up two! (RATP – the Paris public transportation company – does offer a free metro app but I always like to have a paper one, just in case.)

The facility is open and clean, has free wifi and walls of brochures and pamphlets on everything from what to see to where to eat to where to shop. The staff is very friendly and available to help answer any questions. All of this available in a range of languages.

In addition to free pick-up information, you can also purchase The Paris Pass, as well as, purchase tickets for certain activities and sites like Versailles for a small additional fee. They also offer ticket pick up if booking through their website – a great option if you do not have access to a printer while in Paris.

Getting there is fairly easy:

~Take the metro line 7 or 14 to Pyramides metro stop.
~When you exit, head towards the direction of the l’Opera. You’ll see it at the end of Avenue de l’Opera.


Paris Opera House at the end of Avenue de l’Opera. It will actually be farther away than this photo indicates.

~Then turn left on Rue des Pyramides and you’ll see it just down from the corner.


The Paris Visitors Center is like having your own concierge service! A wonderful thing if you stay in an apartment or in a hotel that doesn’t offer concierge service.

Have you been to the Paris Visitors Center?

Bises (kisses),


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8 Responses to Why the Paris Visitors Center should be your 1st stop in Paris

  1. Isabel says:

    I have been to Paris but never to this particular place. But hey, everything is a good reason to go back to Paris 😉

    1. theparisitinerary says:

      Absolutely! If you make it back to Paris, check it out. It is a great resource.

  2. Sounds like a useful place. 🙂 We were in Paris for 6 days last August. It was our Silver Wedding and I’d done quite a lot of research in advance. We had a wonderful time.

    1. theparisitinerary says:

      Happy anniversary! Paris is a wonderful place to celebrate.

  3. casey says:

    Great post and great advice! It makes me yearn for a couples trip with my husband! We are a few years away from that though. #mondayescapes

    1. theparisitinerary says:

      Thanks! I hope you make it to Paris someday with your husband. It is truly a romantic city.

  4. I have been to Paris so many times and never thought about going there!! Great idea… I will be there in 3 weeks 😀
    But, can you believe that I still have a mini map from RATP from the time a lived there in 2008? hahaha… but I got new ones 1 year ago 😀
    Great tip!!

    #MondayEscapes happy to have you here again!