We will return to our regular scheduled programming…

You might be asking “Where’s my usual Wednesday Paris post?”

Well, a bit of a program change this week.

I reached out to Annie Brahler of the interior design house Euro Trash for an interview which I am excited to announce I will have ready for next week’s blog post. Annie has been featured in House Beautiful and Country Living and has both a successful design business and import business.

So, what is the connection with The Paris Itinerary? Well, I’m asking her questions about searching the flea markets of Paris – a professional’s viewpoint. Super excited to share her insights and pictures.

In the meantime, you can watch The Paris Itinerary LIVE on Periscope at www.periscope.tv/Paris_Itinerary. If you aren’t familiar with Periscope, it is an app where you can watch broadcasts live as they are happening…bloopers and all. The broadcast then replays for 24 hours. Starting Friday, October 2, I’m starting a series on Periscope called French Friday where I am sharing language tips you can use when visiting Paris. But, if adding another social media app isn’t your thing, I will also be sharing out my French Friday broadcasts the following week here on the website.

As always, merci beaucoup for taking time out of your schedule to follow The Paris Itinerary.

Bises (kisses),