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Travel tip: Where to find the best overall prices on souvenirs in Paris

souvenirs-of-ParisEverywhere you go in Paris, it seems there are endless options for purchasing souvenirs to commemorate your visit. From mini Eiffel Towers on key rings to printed scarves to the classic French beret, options are endless. There are street peddlers and souvenir shops at every turn.

But, as every good traveler knows, the cost of items vary from location to location and the closer you are to the tourist site, the more expensive the item.

This week’s travel tip is where you can find the best overall prices on souvenirs and that is in Montmartre specifically near and around the famous Place du Tertre. I’m not talking about the artist paintings in the square but the souvenir shops located in the streets around the area. Even though this is a popular tourist spot, the prices are in general less than the prices in and around the city center.


Already have Montmartre on your Paris itinerary?  Then make sure you shop around the souvenir stores and pick up all your mementos and gifts.

If Montmartre isn’t yet on your list and you have a number of souvenirs you’d like to purchase, then a quick metro ride out to the 18th arrondissement may be worth the trip and while your there, take in an amazing view of the city from the highest point in Paris.


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2 Responses to Travel tip: Where to find the best overall prices on souvenirs in Paris

  1. Sara says:

    I’ll have to check out the shops near place du tertre, do you have a favorite vendor Kimberly? I typically avoid that area, but from time to time I do go that direction to hit the fabric shops. I’m always bringing t-shirts back along with all kinds of souvenirs. I have found a great artist on rue Rivoli, I buy from her regularly, I’ll be sure to note down a more exact location next time I stop by. I also have a great vendor for silk scarfs on rue Rivoli, near the Chatelet M line. 5€ and a t-shirt shop near Notre Dame where they have great prices on t-shirts and the small purse mirrors.

  2. Great tip – I love souvenir shopping and if it means you get to explore, too, even better! That’s always the case that the further out of the centre you will find more bargains. Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes