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Travel tip: Visiting Versailles (how much time to allow)

Versailles Chateau-Paris

Chateau de Versailles

This may seem like an odd and possibly obvious travel tip but I have seen other travel guides and travel writers suggest something different and nothing is more disappointing than finding out you haven’t allowed enough time to see everything you wanted to see.

If Versailles is on your Paris itinerary, allow a full day to see all of Versailles. There is so much to see besides the Chateau… the Gardens, Grand Trianon and Marie Antoinette’s estate. Just exploring the Chateau and enjoying the Gardens could take a full day and you don’t want to miss the gardens!

Chateau de Versailles Gardens

Gardens of Chateau de Versailles

A restaurant and restrooms are available on site. As well as to-go snack shops. The restaurant is, as expected, overpriced and the line to the restrooms will be long…so don’t wait until you have to go to get in line. 🙂

Even though visiting Versailles can take up a full day of your itinerary, it is well worth the consideration especially if you have never visited a castle before. It is amazing so much of the Chateau is still intact despite the French Revolution and two World Wars.

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