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Travel tip: Notre Dame and my favorite travel tip…ever.

Notre Dame is one of the most iconic and well-known churches of Paris. Possibly the world. It is magnificent, beautiful and awe-inspiring.


Notre Dame

There are details EVERYWHERE. The exterior. The interior. Even the doors are works of art. You can get lost in your own world taking it all in.


Door of Notre Dame

Which leads me to my favorite all time travel tip… “Thieves go to church too.”  I can’t remember if I saw it on a sign or a pamphlet or heard someone say it but I never forgot it.

In fact, pick pocketers have become a major problem in Paris so keep a close watch on your things. By far not exhaustive, here are a  few common techniques:
1.) A commotion where a decoy grabs your attention while an accomplice grabs your wallet. Could even be a group of kids “picking” on another and when you go to see what’s going on, they grab your bags or get in your pockets before you even know what happened.
2.) Someone tries to put a string around your wrist and then will either demand money for the “friendship bracelet” or even worse drag you by it to the nearest ATM machine and will refuse to let you go until you clean out your account.
3.) The old “did you drop this ring” trick.
4.) And for goodness sake don’t ever sign a petition…especially if you can’t read the language. You may be signing a document stating you’ll pay the person an “X” amount of money.

So enjoy all your sight-seeing of Notre Dame and the other amazing sites of Paris but keep alert and always remember “Thieves go to church too.”


Side view of Notre Dame


Bises (kisses),


6 Responses to Travel tip: Notre Dame and my favorite travel tip…ever.

  1. Those are great tips. It’s also why I pretty much ignore anyone and everything trying to get my attention while in public because I think everyone is trying to mug me. I might look like an ass because I won’t give homeless people money or so called tourists directions, but I also still have my purse.

    I liked the one about not signing a petition especially.

    1. Merci! I pretty much take that same approach.