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That time when the Louvre courtyard was practically all mine.

Louvre-Cour-Carrée courtyard

Cour Carrée courtyard at the Louvre Museum

Even though I am not an early bird, I am always glad when I make the effort to enjoy a city before it wakes up for the day. There is something truly magical to watch and hear a city wake up.

One of my most emotional experiences happened early in the morning in the Cour Carrée (square courtyard) of the Louvre.

We were walking through the courtyard on our way to the I.M. Pei pyramid trying to get in line before the thousands of other tourists, when it happened. Suddenly, I realized I was in unbelievable quiet. Surrounded by history. Practically by myself. To be honest, I can’t really put into words how breathtaking it was. It was like I had the Louvre all to myself.

I stopped immediately to absorb it all. I knew a picture would never truly capture the feeling of that moment but I had to capture it anyway.

My one piece of advice, don’t rush through your visit of Paris whether it is the courtyard of the Louvre, exploring the Eiffel Tower or making your way down the Champs Elysees. Had I been so focused on being first in line, I would have missed the emotional impact of standing in the middle of the Louvre courtyard with no hustle of tourists and barely a sound on the street.

Bises (kisses),




2 Responses to That time when the Louvre courtyard was practically all mine.

  1. Elena Polshakov says:

    If I would have to choose my favorite place in Paris, it would be the courtyard of Louvre… There has not been a visit to Paris where I wouldn’t find the time to revisit it…. Just love it! Especially either really late at night or very early in the morning, so it’s not that crowded. Thank you for this post, you made me live through your experience with you! The best thing to do in Paris is just simply stop rushing, relax and enjoy the moment and absorb it…. I think…. Anyhow, thank you, Kimberly! Your fan, Elena

    1. theparisitinerary says:

      Elena I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and were able to relive your visit. I agree the courtyard of the Louvre is wonderful.