That time when the Louvre courtyard was practically all mine.

Louvre-Cour-Carrée courtyard

Cour Carrée courtyard at the Louvre Museum

Even though I am not an early bird, I am always glad when I make the effort to enjoy a city before it wakes up for the day. There is something truly magical to watch and hear a city wake up.

One of my most emotional experiences happened early in the morning in the Cour Carrée (square courtyard) of the Louvre. Continue reading

Travel tip: 1 easy way to remember what you see at the Louvre

There are about 35,000 pieces of artwork on display at the Louvre Museum and with the exception of Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo, you probably won’t remember all the pieces you see. Not to mention, there is no way you’ll see all 35,000 pieces in one visit.


Mona Lisa at the Louvre

So, how do you remember the famous and not so famous paintings, sculptures and pottery works? Continue reading

Lost in Translation: My funny email exchange about the Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel Tower

While I was planning my visit to the Eiffel Tower, I had heard parts of the Eiffel Tower might be shut down for some reconstruction. I was thinking that maybe not all of the elevators would be running or certain floors closed during certain times…something like that… and depending on what was closed and when, I could plan my visit accordingly.

So, I sent an email through the Eiffel Tower’s official website asking if the Eiffel Tower would be shut down for any reconstruction efforts.

The response back… Continue reading

My visit to Versailles with a dead digital camera

Outside of the Royal Chapel in Versailles

The outside of the Royal Chapel at Versailles.

Traveling is so much more than checking off a list of must sees. There are adventures and experiences that enrich and add depth to our memories of our visits. That is why I include a personal story of experience every month from serendipitously attending Mass at Notre Dame to a sudden change in pace while walking along the Champs Elysees.

Versailles had many but I decided to share one of the more humorous. Continue reading

When Serendipity Happens: Attending Mass at Notre Dame

One of my favorite things about travel is when something good unexpectedly happens.

While visiting Notre Dame, my mom and I were walking around the inside perimeter of the cathedral, taking it all in, when it was announced a Mass service was soon to begin. Always wanting to attend a Mass service, we couldn’t believe our timing and decided to participate.


Before Mass starts at Notre Dame.

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