The Paris Pass…oui or non?

Eiffel Tower from the Place de la Concorde

Eiffel Tower from the Place de la Concorde

I was asked earlier this week if the Paris Pass was a good value. I thought it was an excellent question and worth sharing on the blog. My opinion on the value of the Paris Pass is…it all depends.


Using passbooks, coupons, even Groupon deals when traveling is a great idea but sometimes you need to see if what you are buying is worth what you will get out of it. The Paris Pass is sight-seeing package with several features including access to major sites and museums, a wine tasting, a bus tour and a travel pass to use on local transportation.


When deciding if the Paris Pass will work for you, consider the following:

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Exploring Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame may not be one of the wonders of the world but it should be! Every inch is covered with something amazing to see. Like most of Paris, it is dripping with history and the cathedral is a great example of Gothic architecture.


Side view of Notre Dame

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Exploring the Arc de Triomphe

Initially commissioned by Napoleon, the Arc de Triomphe is a monument to those who fought for France.


Arc de Triomphe at the Place de Charles de Gaulle

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