Guided tour of the Louvre Museum


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The Louvre is one of the top 10 sites visited in Paris with over 7 million visitors a year! So, you are probably looking for ways to maximize your time when visiting the museum.

There are several ways to see the museum:

There have been several questions posted on my most popular article about the Louvre asking about the guided tour.

A guided tour of the Louvre Museum is a great way to see the most popular works of art like Mona Lisa, Winged Victory and the famous statue of David. The tour also shows you the history of the museum including the original fortress. On top of that, its a quick history lesson on the evolution of art style and techniques. If you are rushed for time, I recommend it.

Here are a few things you need to know:

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What you REALLY need to know about the 4 main Louvre entrances

Louvre Museum main entrance

Louvre Museum

When you visit the Louvre, you find there are four main Louvre entrances but they are not all equal. One thing that is the same is that all the entrances require you to go through security. After security, if you have your ticket you can proceed to the various wings. If you don’t have your ticket, you’ll need to get in line again to buy your ticket either at the self-serve ticket kiosk or at the ticket window. One thing to remember is this is Paris and things can change without notice and then change back again. That said, let me breakdown the four Louvre entrances. Continue reading

Review: THATLou (Treasure Hunt At The Louvre)


View from the top floor of the Louvre

A few months back, I asked Daisy de Plume, creator of THATLou hunts, to be a guest contributor on The Paris Itinerary. Daisy shared her idea behind making the vast Louvre Museum fun and interactive by creating a treasure hunt around the museum – hence the name THATLou (Treasure Hunt at the Louvre). A simply brilliant idea I was excited to try out myself. Continue reading

A Visual Feast: Pictures of the Louvre

The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings true for the amazing visual feast of the Louvre Museum. Not only is the artwork itself visually satisfying but the courtyard and building is full of beautiful craftsmanship.

Sometimes saying nothing is saying something so enjoy this pictorial sampling.

Exterior of the Louvre Museum

Exterior of the Louvre Museum


Interior of the Louvre Museum

Interior of the Louvre Museum


Categories of art: paintings, sculpture and monuments

Categories of art: paintings, sculpture and monuments

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Travel tip: The best kept secret on where to buy Louvre tickets


Long lines at the Louvre Museum IM Pei Pyramid entrance

UPDATE 2018: Well zut (darn)! La Civette du Carrousel no longer sells Louvre Museum tickets. They do sell the Museum Pass which could be a good deal if you plan to visit several museums. So I’ll be back on the hunt for a new way to save time and money. Let the sleuthing begin…

Trust me, if there is one thing you want to do when visiting the Louvre, it is get your Louvre ticket before going to the museum; otherwise, your wait will be hours! What is crazy is the amazingly long lines you see for those without tickets is just the line to get through the security. Those with tickets Continue reading