GRAND OPENING – The Paris Itinerary Boutique

In my studio!

If you are a subcriber to The Paris Itinerary then you already know about my big news! I sent out the announcement to all my subscribers first, along with one of the perks for being on the list – an exclusive offer code. Keep reading to find out the BIG news.

First of all, I know it has been crickets here lately and that is because I have been working on a passion project.

I am so excited to share with you the grand opening of The Paris Itinerary Boutique featuring super cute (if I say so myself) “saying” tee shirts designed by moi! These are all my exclusive sayings and designs. Each of these 7 tee shirts is a fun, fashionable and affordable way to show your love of Paris.



So how did a travel blogger become a tee shirt designer? Well when I was a little girl, I wanted to be a fashion designer. On family vacations, I would entertain myself by drawing clothing collections in good old fashion spiral notebooks. There was the everyday sportwear collection called the “London Collection.” The active/play collection (hey I was a kid and had “play clothes”) called the “Madrid Collection.” Yeah, I’m not sure why I called it that. And of course, I had the “Paris Collection” comprised of glamour eveningwear.

Fast forward a few decades and here I am combining my two passions: Paris and Fashion.

Don’t worry, The Paris Itinerary isn’t changing. I’ll be back really soon with new articles all about helping you plan your trip to Paris. On occasion, I will be posting about The Paris Itinerary Boutique but if you want to keep up to date on what is new with my tee shirt line, be sure to sign up for The Paris Itinerary Boutique newsletter.

So, if you haven’t quite made it to Paris yet or just want a little reminder of a past visit, my new tee shirt line is just for you.

Be sure to post your pics wearing one of my tees! I’d love to see it. Use #theparisitinerarytees.

Bises (kisses),