Budget tip: Buying water at the Eiffel Tower


This budget tip is short and sweet!

Conventional wisdom states that you never buy anything at a tourist spot since prices are usually inflated. Surprisingly, this is not the case for bottled water at the Eiffel Tower.

Bottled water is actually sold cheaper at the snack shop on the 1st platform in the Pavillon Ferrie (south side of the tower) than by the vendors on the street. Shocking, I know!

If you have taken the stairs, you will definitely want to stop and purchase a much needed bottle! It is also a good idea to buy one even if you didn’t take the stairs just in case you get thirsty exploring the rest of the tower. And…it is not a bad idea to purchase a bottle before you leave the tower especially if you plan to walk around Champs de Mars or Trocadero. You don’t want to get stuck overpaying.

A bonus tip: Also in Pavillon Ferrie are nice clean (and somewhat hidden) restrooms.Take the stairs next to the information window which is located next to the snack shop and across from the gift shop.

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Paying for Paris series: How to limit those pesky add-on banking fees


Paying For Paris: Part 2

In addition to avoiding extra charges on purchases, there are a couple other steps I’m sharing in this week’s “Paying for Paris” series to help you limit all those pesky add-on bank fees. While these fees are a bit nominal on their own, they can add up and personally, it irks me to have to pay to use my own money.

First, check to see if your bank has a partnership with an international bank. While you probably won’t be able to avoid the foreign transaction fees, you may not have to pay the ATM usage fees. For example, Bank of America currently partners with BNP Paribus so if you have a Bank of America account and withdraw money from a BNP Paribus ATM, you save $5 every time you withdraw money (accurate at the time of this posting). Five dollars here and there can add up depending on how many times you withdraw money. Personally, I like to withdraw cash every couple of days so that I don’t have a lot on me if I lose my handbag or it gets stolen (or pickpocked). In a week, that could add up to $15-20 in savings. Twenty dollars probably won’t make or break your Paris budget but it is nice not to have to pay to simply access your own money – plus, that could be a couple more tasty treats from a patisserie! Continue reading

Travel tip: Save Money When Ordering Water


Une carafe d’eau on the table.

Whether you are people watching at an outdoor cafe or dining in a restaurant, an easy way to save a few euros at each meal is to ask for “une carafe d’eau” (OON cahr-AHF doh)…adding s’il vous plait at the end, of course. Basically, you are requesting a carafe or pitcher of tap water for the table. The tap water in Paris is safe and unless you just don’t like the taste of it or prefer carbonated water, there is no reason to order bottle water.

This simple tip will save you money during your trip without sacrificing any of the experience. It’s a win-win!


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