Traveling to Paris can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming especially if it is your first visit.
But, part of the fun is gathering your gear for the trip. Below are a list of items I USE and recommend.

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Travel gear:

Travelon Anti Theft Cross-body Bucket Bag: Say that 5 times fast. This is my go to travel handbag! Travelon sent me one to review on one of my trips to Paris and I L-O-V-E -D it! Check out my video review

J Pillow (neck pillow): No more cramped neck and bobbing head as you try to sleep on that trans-Atlantic flight. This unique pillow was the 2013 British Invention of the year.

Money belt: Yep! I use one. Pick pockets are a huge problem in Paris. I like to stash away a bit of cash and a second credit card just in case. This isn’t the EXACT one I use because now money belts come with RFID technology.

Adapter Plug: Get two or three…trust me! Now that we have smart phones and tablets, you’ll need to charge more items.

Samsonite 21inch Carry On bag: This isn’t the same model I have because my old faithful is from 2001…and it is still kickin’! But, this model is really close.


In case you are also interested in the business side of things, here is what I use to keep The Paris Itinerary humming.

Web hosting: I can not say enough about how GREAT SiteGround is. Superior customer service, speed and my site has never been down. Find more here: (Oui! Yes, this is an affiliate link.)




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