Traveling to Paris can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming especially if it is your first visit.
But, part of the fun is gathering your gear for the trip. Below are a list of items I USE and recommend.

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Travel gear:

Travelon Anti Theft Cross-body Bucket Bag: Say that 5 times fast. This is my go to travel handbag! Travelon sent me one to review on one of my trips to Paris and I L-O-V-E -D it! Check out my video review

J Pillow (neck pillow): No more cramped neck and bobbing head as you try to sleep on that trans-Atlantic flight. This unique pillow was the 2013 British Invention of the year.

Money belt: Yep! I use one. Pick pockets are a huge problem in Paris. I like to stash away a bit of cash and a second credit card just in case. This isn’t the EXACT one I use because now money belts come with RFID technology.

Adapter Plug: Get two or three…trust me! Now that we have smart phones and tablets, you’ll need to charge more items.

Samsonite 21inch Carry On bag: This isn’t the same model I have because my old faithful is from 2001…and it is still kickin’! But, this model is really close.



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