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Prepping For Paris – Let everyone know YOU’RE GOING TO PARIS! A check list of to-do’s before you leave.

Once you’ve booked your airline tickets to Paris, it seems impossible to keep it a secret. And you shouldn’t! To wrap up this “Prepping for Paris” series (a collection of tips and ideas for you to use when preparing for your trip to Paris), I’m sharing a check list of people to let know you are going to the City of Light.

1.) Your bank:
Before you head out, be sure to call your bank and give the dates and locations you’ll be traveling. You don’t want your ATM card suspended for fraudulent activity when you are actually the one using it. Also, check to see if your bank has an international branch or partnership to save ATM transaction fees. Lastly, investigate setting up a checking account specifically for use while traveling so that your other accounts aren’t affected if your debit card is lost or stolen.

2.) Your credit card company:
Just like with your bank ATM/debit card, you’ll want to let your credit card company know when and where you’ll be traveling. And while you’re talking to them, check to see if your card has any foreign transactions fees associate with its use abroad.

3.) The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) – United States citizens:
STEP is a free service through the Department of State to US citizens. Basically, you provide your travel itinerary, contact information and emergency contacts. It provides up to date information about conditions in the area you’re visiting. Also allows the US Embassy to contact you in case of emergency.

4.) Family and close friends:
Be sure to leave your itinerary and contact information including the addresses and phone numbers of where you are staying with someone back home – just in case they need to contact you.

So who shouldn’t you tell? Well, resist to the urge to post on social media. Just like the “thieves go to church too” tip, thieves also like social media. Just because you have privacy settings doesn’t mean that the people you network with do. Wait to post until after you return.

Who else do you tell before you leave?

Bises (kisses),

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  1. Linda says:

    Great points Kimberly!