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Paying for Paris Series: How to avoid extra charges on purchases



Welcome to part 3 of my “for Paris” series. In this installment, I’m sharing tips on how you can use your money wisely in “Paying for Paris.”

Paris is an expensive city to visit so saving here and there is important. One way to not inadvertently spend extra money is to pay for expenses in euros.

Sometimes hotels, restaurants and shops will ask if you would like them to convert the currency for you. This is called Dynamic Currency Conversion. Your answer should be “no!” You want your purchases to stay in euros.

Here is why. When the merchant converts your charge from euros to US Dollars (or whatever your country’s currency is), they are setting the conversation rate adding whatever extra charge they like. In addition, your bank or credit card company may also convert the currency regardless of if the store, restaurant or shop does it first – meaning your purchase would actually get converted TWICE. No one wants to pay conversation rates twice.

In some cases, the merchant may convert it for you without asking. In this case, ask for them to refund the charge and re-ring it in euros. Be sure to keep all your receipts in case of any dispute later.

Have you encountered Dynamic Currency Conversation in your travels?

Bises (kisses),


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5 Responses to Paying for Paris Series: How to avoid extra charges on purchases

  1. Stacey says:

    Yep, I’ve encountered this but thankfully had read about it prior to traveling so declined the service. While traveling on business last year with a colleague I didn’t think to tell her and when we checked out of our hotel they asked her and she said yes before I realized it. For just a few nights in a hotel the difference between her saying yes and me saying no was about $15…that’s quite a surcharge especially when you’re not really getting anything for it than some quick math in your head or on a free currency exchange app could do for you.
    Great tip to pass along! Hopefully the word will get out and it can save some folks some money. 🙂