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Packing for Paris: How I convinced my friends to carry-on!

Packing for Paris Series. Carry-ons

So, you’re going to Paris. Tickets are booked. All lodging arranged. Now to pack!

Welcome to my Packing for Paris series. In this series, I’m sharing my thoughts on how and what I pack when I travel to Paris and to start it all out, I’m sharing a story of how I convinced my friends to travel with carry-on only luggage.

Now, this story is not about a trip to Paris but a business trip I went on in which we were traveling to 5 cities in 6 days.

It all started day 1 when we missed our connection. The original flight was significantly delayed due to mechanical reasons and we ended up missing the last flight out to our next city.

Since luggage that is checked is not allowed to be reclaimed until the destination is reach, several of my travel companions were without their luggage. It wasn’t until we reached our hotel that they realized the full extent of what that meant. Not only were they without some of their toiletries but they were without any pajamas and fresh clothes (and underwear) for the next day. Just think about the implications of being without pajamas.

For the most part, I travel with a roll-aboard bag (my trusty Samsonite pictured above) and a medium-sized personal bag that fits under the seat. Yes, even when I travel to Paris. That night, I had everything I needed for a good night’s rest and fresh clothing for the next day.

The next morning I didn’t say a word about it but the fact that I had on different clothes and fresh make-up spoke for itself.  That event converted many on that trip to being carry-on only travelers.

I share that story because I’m sure you have read all the reasons why you should carry-on when you travel but I wanted to give you a real life experience to show one of the main reasons you should carry on – having pajamas to sleep in! But, also, traveling light and with carry-ons really does free you up to make other connecting flights if needed and to have all your items with you for easy change in plans. When in Paris, metro stations can have very long corridors and no escalators or elevators so traveling light will save you the agony of lugging a huge suitcase up a seemingly never-ending stairway. Also, some hotels and many apartment buildings don’t have elevators either so again traveling light will save your back, arms and knees some strain.

For part 2 of the “Packing for Paris” series, I’m sharing the 3 items I always pack. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

What about you, do you carry-on?


Bises (kisses),


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8 Responses to Packing for Paris: How I convinced my friends to carry-on!

  1. Akaleistar says:

    I try to carry-on as much as possible. Anymore, checking my bags makes me nervous. Who knows when you’ll see it again 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    Whenever possible, we take carry-on only. The only problem is when you are seated in row 30ish, up against the bathrooms and you have no overhead space and the ticketing agent won’t let you bring on your carry-on. #truestory Looking forward to the next installment. 🙂

  3. Eliza Dolkar says:

    Packing for Paris… I already have a visit to paris and came up with this article… Now this is going to really help me a lot when it comes to visiting paris.