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3 ways to save for Paris without breaking your monthly budget

Awhile back, I asked my Instagram followers what was one of their biggest hurdles in visiting Paris. One of the responses was money and that is no surprise because Paris is a very expensive city to visit. However, there are ways to save for Paris with minimal impact to your monthly budget.

1.) Save your change.

This is probably not the first time you’ve heard this tip but I wanted to quantify this for you. In my monthly budget, I have a designated amount of money I use for things like going out for lunch or having an extra coffee in the afternoon. I use cash for these expenses and keep the coins that I get back in change. In a year, I save about $100. This doesn’t sound like a lot of money at first but several fees can be paid for with this amount.

Based on today’s exchange rate (as of publication), $100 is about €94 and here is what you can buy:

  • Louvre entrance ticket – €15
  • Eiffel Tower lift ticket (all 3 floors) – €17
  • Versailles entrance ticket (passport) – €18
  • RER transportation to and from Versailles – €4 x 2 = €8
  • Versailles grounds tram ticket – €7.50
  • One carnet (10 Metro tickets) – €14.10
  • Notre Dame bell tower ticket – €8.50
  • Notre Dame audio guide – €5

Total = €93.1

A little bit of change can make an impact on your travel expenses.

2.)  Save unused funds from your monthly budget.

For those expenses that fluctuate like gas for your car or your electric bill, save the money not used that month. For example, if you budget $200 a month for gas for your car but only spend $150 that month, save the $50 not used. Maybe the next month you spend $175 for gas, then save the $25. An easy way to save money without any impact to your current budget.

3.) Use a portion of a salary increase.

This isn’t something you can just start doing but is something to consider the next time you receive an increase in your take-home pay. Take a portion of that increase and put it towards your travel budget. It doesn’t have to be much. For example, saving $10/month will be $120 for the year. At current exchange rate (as of publication), that is about €113. As I have mentioned before in my Periscope broadcasts, I usually have around a €60 grocery budget for cooking meals when I stay in a Paris apartment rental. That amount pays for 7 dinners for two people. Even if you aren’t staying in an apartment (or don’t want to cook at night), €113 is a great pastries/snack budget.

By saving a bit here and there, you really can minimize the pain of paying for Paris without too much impact on your monthly budget.

What ways to do save up for your travels?

(Exchange rates and entrances fees are accurate at the time of publication and are for example only. Check websites for current exchange rates and entrance fees when planning your travel budget.)

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One Response to 3 ways to save for Paris without breaking your monthly budget

  1. Great tips 🙂
    I always save my change. In 1 year I normally have around 1000 Euros 😀 every coin of 1 and 2 I put in my pig bank, and it’s really worth it.

    Happy News Year and thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes