The Paris Itinerary 2015 blog post wrap up

2015 year in review

It is hard to believe we are almost two weeks away from closing the books on 2015.

As always, I am so grateful for your support! The Paris Itinerary is nothing without its readers.

In case you joined the party late or life got a little in the way, here are a few posts you may have missed.

From January: Packing is ALWAYS a hot topic when going to Paris. Here is what I DON’T pack.

From February: It was radio silence in February as I prepared for year deux of The Paris Itinerary. If you really want to read the only February post…here it is

From March: Four people to contact to let them know you are traveling to Paris.

From April: A video review of my FAVORITE travel bag

From May: Probably the most important thing you need to know if you plan to visit The Louvre – where to buy your tickets. Trust me, you want to know this tip!

From June: Where to get the best FREE city/metro of Paris.

From July: Oh my! Where to stay in Paris? I have a  hotel review AND an apartment rental review!

From August: August was all about the French tradition of taking a long “les vacances.” Here is my favorite “Paris Pause.”

From September: If checking out the largest Paris flea market, Marche aux Puces St. Ouen, is on your to-do list, then you’ll want to read how to get there including how to avoid “the gauntlet” of aggressive street peddlers.

From October: Travel gear! Need I say more?

From November: “Fluctuant Nec Meritur” which means “tossed by the waves but not sunk.” Je suis Paris. I am Paris.

From December: Planning a trip to Paris in 2016? Tips for saving up for your trip. It is easier than you think.

As we get ready to kick off 2016, let me know if there are topics you’d like me to cover!

Bises (kisses),


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  1. Happy New Year, Kim!

    Glad you dropped by “my place” since that is how I’ve found YOU ~ a fellow francophile AND southwesterner! Luv the way you’ve wrapped up the year in this post, with a buffet of articles to choose from. Can’t wait to begin!

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