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Let’s plan your dream trip to Paris together.

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Helping American women be the best tourists in Paris!

Let’s plan your dream trip to Paris together.

Find out how!


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"A good itinerary has both structure and fluidity."

- Kimberly

Bonjour! Hello!

Je m’appelle Kimberly.
My name is Kimberly.

Are you excited about visiting Paris but a little overwhelmed with all the travel research? Are you someone who wants to know what to expect before you get there?

Well, that’s where I come in! I help you be the best tourist in Paris by sharing useful travel and itinerary planning tips. You get the flexibility of independent travel with the organization of a planned group trip. You will feel confident in your itinerary and relaxed to enjoy your trip.

Here, you’ll find travel articles, workshops and pre-planned itineraries for you DIYers and trip consulting and planning for those of you who’d rather someone else plan your trip. I’ll help you plan your Paris itinerary.

And, you’ll be the best tourist in Paris!

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What others are saying…

This is such valuable information for tourists!

– Christy S.

I can’t believe what an amazing planner you are.

– Tiffany M

Amazing tip! My husband and I did this today and probably saved us over an hour in total!

– Kali